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Upcoming Races

10/13/2018 New York Duathlon Series (Southern Tier #3)
09/16/2018 North Shore Triathlon - Gilison Park, Lake Michigan
08/26/2018 Tri Dunkirk NY

Past Races

08/12/2018 USAT Age Group National Championships (Sprint)
Race Recap
Aid Station on the Run
08/10/2018 USAT Age Group National Championships about 6:10 PM
08/04/2018 La Porte County Family YMCA Triathlon - Individual - Adult (La Porte, IN on 08/04/18) DNS - Ilness
07/29/2018 The 5KDEVO Akron, Ohio DNS - Ilness
07/04/2018 Medina Twin Sizzler
Race Recap
1st AG
06/27/2018 Quarry Ridge Triathlon - Sylvania Ohio 1/5 AG, 48 169 OA
06/17/2018 EOTT #3 DNS-Mechanical
06/15/2018 Cleveland Velodrome Mass Start #1 Ticket Sales, Century Cycles Support
05/20/2018 EOTT (Eastern Ohio Time Trials)
Race Recap
26/69 OA and 6/10 AG (Also a Volunteer (race set up, course sign placement))
05/13/2018 Mother's Day 5K - Summit Metro Parks
Race Recap
21/221 OA and 1st AG
11/05/2017 Hot Chocolate Run
Race Recap
OA 197/4951 and 1/19 AG

Mike Neag

Copley, Ohio, USA, Ohio

Main FocusTriathlons, duathlons & biathlons; road racing limited to TTs, some 5ks. Beer nursing.
Post-Race Drinkumm...water (or maybe a Coke if available)
Off-Day ActivityHallmark Movies (ok, stop laughing)

When invited to fill a large blank space with words I am tempted to write my memoirs. As I recently learned, as people approaching the last horizon (OK, get old) just about all of them hears the call to write their life's memoirs. Think about that, who wants their life to end without making testimony to a life well lived. Strange that it happened to me as such a young age.

Alas, I acknowledge that this would be an inappropriate forum for my life story. I will only share the last line of my this wonderful narrative. "I love to learn and really, really, enjoy living." You are welcome.

The family: I’m a dad with three great kids and a wife (“Saint Kathy”) of 45 years. Also fortunate to have a circle of wonderful, life long friends.

The work: I currently work as an adjunct professor of chemistry at Stark State College in North Canton. As my students say, "Mr. Neag, coming to your class is like getting punched in the mouth". I love my left jab if youre interested. Before retiring to teach, I was a Polymer physicist that grew up to be an R&D building manager. In between, I spent many years as a Technical Manager in analytical sciences (think TV's "CSI" without beautiful women in stiletto heels and projects that take days rather than an hour).

I'm also a mentor in the outstanding Akron program "iCare" (1 child, 1 day a week, for 1 school year). I've been involved for 3 years and worked with several students, two for three years. If you're wondering, you will have an impact if you do this. I highly recommend this United Way program and would love to see all of my SBR teammates involved ( here or in Cleveland. We are far too fortunate to keep our experience to ourselves.

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