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03/31/2018 Fools 25/50k

Past Races

03/10/2018 Mohican Half Marathon
Race Recap
13/28 AG, 23/68 women
02/24/2018 Olde Girdled Grit
Race Recap
02/11/2018 Dirty Love 10K
Race Recap
1st in AG
01/14/2018 Dirty Snowflake Prediction Run
Race Recap
48 (2 in AG)
11/11/2017 Conquer the Castle 25k
Race Recap
11/05/2017 Hot Chocolate Run
Race Recap

Kelly Baker

North Olmsted, Ohio

Main FocusTime Trial and Trail Running
Post-Race DrinkScivation Xtend BCAAs
Off-Day ActivityHiking

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